Internet penetration in Rural India picks up!!

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With the pace of digital revolution, India is going online with  more internet user penetration. As per the studies and reports, about 315 million people living in Rural India will be connected to the internet as compared to around 120 million at present. This majorly contributes to 36% of the country’s total online population. However by 2020, this share will jump to 48% creating a huge opportunity for brands and marketers in places where establishing physical presence is still a challenge.

At present, the study noted that 70% of people from Rural India uses internet only for social networking sites such as Facebook and for official email conversations. As per the Boston Consulting group’s report, rural users will contribute to almost 50% users connected to internet in India. Internet penetration in Rural India is at a faster pace and tends to penetrate even faster which will help total internet penetration to grow twice.

Around 15% of the rural Indian internet users do online window shopping and prefer online shopping than shops and malls since the options are very less at the rural India. They also tends to share their feedback on their shopping experience. The amount of rural consumer’s contribution in eCommerce is still trivial but on a growing pace.

Rural users hesitation towards online shopping is due to delay in delivery of products and inconvenience in exchange/ return of the products with a widespread perception of eCommerce being neither safe nor reliable.

The factors pulling back the rural Indian’s eagerness towards online shopping is either the fear of getting scammed or the lack of knowledge in accessing the apps and online shopping portals. Companies which look forward to tap the rural market should first evaluate about the touch points of the targeted customers to explore the new opportunities. Marketers should use different digital strategies for Rural markets based on the consumer’s preference and spending pattern and understand differences in Rural and Urban market.

With the pace of digital revolution, people are aware of things happening around world and the brand awareness about the products in the marketplace have increased. Internet naturally tends to helps marketers create brand awareness by product placements and reach out to the targeted audience. With the increase  in consumers and brand awareness, rural penetration for online based businesses in India is supposed to reach its boom very soon.

Few of the E-commerce Giants and Conglomerates suggested that with the increase in the internet users, bandwidth is the biggest challenge and the need of the moment which needs to be taken care of – for steady growth of internet users volume. Perhaps that is why, Google and popular social networking sites such as Facebook are investing big bucks to broadcast more content in India.

Google, in association with government of India working on the Internet balloon program called project loon, which forms a large communication network using balloons in the earth’s stratosphere for better connectivity. This will bring an e-revolution in rural India which mostly be helpful in providing better internet connectivity in rural India.

With the new technological innovations and ideas, India will become more digital and achieve the Internet’s reach to most of the people livelihood in rural Indians.

The study offers insights on user base which is expected to drive the internet consumption further in India. To get more detailed info: Please follow this link


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