On This Safer Internet Day, Let’s Browse Internet Safely.

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As Uncle ben (From Spiderman Fame) said “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”. The Internet is easing the human life and changing the way it functions. It’s no doubt that Internet has some dark Side too. With the Growing Internet base the people are now more exposed to internet threats like Cyber bullying, Cyber Stalking, malware, Ransomware, viruses, hacking, scams, fraud, theft etc.

The world Internet Community observed Safer Internet Day 2017 on Tuesday 7th February with the theme ‘be the change: unite for a better internet’. India is amongst the largest nation in terms active internet subscriber base, and hence is always on radar of Hackers & Scammers for their alleged illegal activities.

Few days ago, we may have heard of the news of more than 3.2 Million Debit cards hacks. This hack may have been amongst the biggest ever financial data breaches in India. Several victims have reported unauthorized transactions on their cards, which have originated in China.

After the Demonetization of the biggest bank notes, the Indian Government is Pushing People to Go for digital payment or mobile payment as a option. However adoption of these transactions comes with increased risk of Credit/Debit/ mobile wallet to be more exposed to the cyber threats.  The convenience of using the  mobiles for transactions is seems easier, and fast, with just few click from your handset, and the transaction completed within fraction of minutes. However, the same convenience of transaction can also easily become a threat. with mobile transaction can be done in fraction of second with just one click from fingertip. But mobile transactions are more vulnerable to these threats.

It is important to note that the “Safer Internet Day” is named ‘safer’ and not ‘safe’ because no technologies as powerful as the internet can ever be entirely safe in its present state of digital affairs. The internet wasn’t designed with security in mind. To make things worse, we forget that our digital footprints are much bigger than what we think. The amount of sensitive data out there makes each individual vulnerable to ever-evolving threats.

Escape from Not leaving any digital footprint is technically impossible, although a few safety measures as mentioned below can you away from these threats.

Use Secure & Strong Password; if possible use two factors authentication.

Turn on all firewalls on both hardware and software programs.

Avoid using Public Network for any Banking or Payment or transaction Activities.

Do check the application request access, don’t use third party apps.

Uninstall the apps which you are not using.

Use latest anti-virus & Spywares software.

Always check before the posting on social media, select right audience. Never allow auto geo-tagging of applications.

After facing any threat & Scam Contact Cyber Police Immediately.

Don’t share your Card/Account details with anyone, and update the password regularly.


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