Indian Internet penetration expected to double to 730 million by 2020

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Nasscom, in association with Akamai has identified some key results on the future of internet users in India which seems very exciting.

As per the report, India will be second in terms of Internet users after China. India's internet user's growth tends to rise twice from 370 million to 730 million by 2020. The major catalyst found behind this is rural Indian internet users. This seems to give a birth to eCommerce growth in the country where mobile would be the platform where most transactions would happen. Internet reached to most of the rural regions in the country which contributes to growth of internet users.

India has already beaten USA in terms of internet users which became possible due to Rural Internet expansion in India. As per the report, 75% of internet users would be from Rural Regions where mobile connectivity and broadband expansion triggers an unprecedented growth. Thereby India will remain fastest growing market in terms of internet users, globally.

Keeping into consideration the huge impact that the internet is creating across all sectors, it has become the greatest disruption on the way we work, interact socially and live life in general. By 2020, Internet is expected to penetrate even deeper in different regions across India where connectivity is major issue.

Government of India's initiatives make the internet accessible to every citizen of the country which is helping India to become large number of internet users across country. With the rise of Digital India initiatives and large adoption of smartphones, Internet penetration in India is expected to spread around multiple regions across the country as more devices and services come online.

E commerce sector has been found the biggest boon to increase internet users in India as the shopping done in rural and urban regions would be experiencing tremendous growth. On the same line, Nasscom has predicted that online travel bookings will drastically change as 50% of travel transactions would happen online by 2020.

As per the report, there will be 70 crore mobile users in the country which means that there will be more internet usersĀ  and more online shoppers in India. Accordingly, 70% of the eCommerce market would be captured on mobile.

It would be great if the government and industry could work out on regulatory frameworks for minimum quality of service (QoS) for technologies like 4G, cellular telephony etc. More content needs to be made available in Indian languages, especially video content, for the next wave of users.

The rapid growth of Internet users in India has seen due to its expansion into different verticals including eCommerce, travel and hospitality, public sector, media and financial technology etc.

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