India’s average internet speed at 3.6 Mbps: Slowest across APAC : Akamai State of the Internet Report

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With the mission of Digital India by Narendra Modi, Indians have high hopes that digital transformation will change the current scenario of India when it comes to Internet users and internet speed.

It seems to be a proud moment when India is 2nd in terms of internet users in the world but still lagging when it comes to average internet speeds in APAC. As per the Akamai's State of the internet report, India at 3.6mbps has the lowest average internet speeds across Asia Pacific Region.

State of the Internet in India

Overall India’s average internet speed grew by 3.2% QoQ and 54% YoY, and ranked 113th globally. South Korea continued to have the fastest average connection speed in the region and globally at 27 Mbps followed by Hong Kong at 19.5 Mbps (4th globally) and Singapore at 17.2 Mbps (9th globally). Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and New Zealand were the other countries in the region with average connection speeds above 10 Mbps.

Avg Internet SpeedWhile it is good to see that India’s average as well as peak speeds have grown significantly, other countries have also registered similar growth, thereby ensuring that India remains at the bottom of the table.

With respect to percentage of users having 4 Mbps or higher broadband connection, India ranks just above Philippines. 17 percent of connections in India are 4Mbps and above.  Among other Asia-Pac countries, China has 41 percent while neighboring Sri Lanka has 52 percent connections that are over 4 Mbps.

4MBPS-10Mbps-connectionsIndia does well when it comes to connections over 10 Mbps with 2.8 percent of India’s internet broadband have that speed. Also, India ranks above countries like Philippines, Indonesia, China, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

India ranks decently at 57th across the world when it comes to internet speeds of over 15 Mbps.

When it comes to number of unique IP addresses, India ranks among the top 10 countries with highest unique IPV4 addresses (17.6 Mln). America has the highest unique IPV4 addresses which stand at just over 143 million.

In order to accomplish the Digital India mission, major players such as Google is expanding it's network to provide free high speed Wi-Fi at 400 train stations across the country. With the accomplishment of google fiber, google planning to provide this free Wi-FI service. Remarkably, the speed will be fast enough to stream high-definition video.

Google is also in talks with telecom providers to collaborate on Project Loon, using high-altitude balloons to beam high-speed Wi-Fi to remote areas in India. If these plans work, Indians may expect highest internet speeds.

India now has a government that is pro-technology. They have launched numerous digital initiatives under “Digital India” campaign. For it to be successful, it is important that internet infrastructure improves drastically. The government understands that it will be helpful to bring India to the topmost in terms of Internet speeds.

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