Internet Infrastructure & Interconnection in India – White paper by DE-CIX

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The Internet is a most Happening thing in India, The Fixed Broadband speed of India has been in increased in multifold in previous few years. The Government putting efforts to bring more Internet users online. With Increasing Internet users, the Internet Infrastructure is also needed to be upgraded simultaneously.

DE-CIX. German Internet Exchange major who just Entered in Indian Market with a JV with Mumbai IX, Had published a White paper on "Internet Infrastructure & Interconnection in India" with Telegeography.

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Perhaps no other communications market in the world has as much nascent potential as India. India’s bandwidth demand will be staggering as more end-users migrate to high-capacity platforms and applications. India also serves as a critical node on the major communications route transiting Europe to East Asia, thus supplementing internal demand with the need to support global communications traffic.

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