Peering DB & It’s Importance: Get listed Globally

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Peering DB is a freely available web-based database of networks that are interested in peering. It is a database where every network should have access and an entry. Every network should keep their information maintained. Peering DB entry for your networks makes it easy for people to find you and helps you establish peering. This is mostly required for peering with certain networks such as Apple, Facebook, Microsoft etc.

Peering DB is a public database created by Richard Steenbergen in 2004. It is a De facto reference database for peering information on the internet. Traditionally, a list of potential peering partners would have been managed by Internet Exchange point or Co-location Centers. It contains location information and contacts for Networks, Exchange Points, and Facilities.

Peering DB entry acts as a First stop when deciding where and whom to peer with. The account can be read-only or read-write in nature. While creating an account, it is recommended to use your official email address so that your account gets validated faster. Peering DB information must be updated every time including NOC phone numbers. Peering DB requests will almost always lead to a search.

Getting Started with peering DB:

1. Navigate to and register a user account.


2. Confirm your email address by clicking on the link received on your email.

3. List affiliated network with your ASN and Organization Name. If already exists, create an affiliation with other networks which you need.


4. Wait for Peering DB to approve affiliation with the mentioned organization.

5. Go on affiliated organization page and edit information. If your network is already added, then update Private and Public Peering Exchange Facilities.


6. Save the updated information and get listed on Peering DB.

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