How to Save Internet Bandwidth (ILL Cost )

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Internet Service Providers can Save the Bandwidth Cost via Peering. This is How Basically Internet Works. Without peering it is Hard to Imagine the Internet, as the Internet consumption is hitting a new height every other day. The people now have been moving from Torrent to Over the Top (OTT) or online video streaming services. It is Very crucial to ISP's to provide this services with buffering and reduce the dependence on Transit.

Peering makes it easier to save the bandwidth cost and Increase the overall Internet speed also.

What is peering
? Peering is a process by which two Internet networks connect and exchange traffic. In Simple terms, Peering is a direct interconnection between the networks namely content providers, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), DNS root servers, Telecommunications, Internet Service Providers, IPTV networks and other networks for the exchange of traffic between the networks. Networks come together to interconnect and directly exchange traffic. Peering makes the Internet more affordable and faster for the end user.

How to start peering?

how to start peering with Mumbai IX (Mumbai CH )

Benefits of Peering

  • Enhanced end-user experience
  • Reduce IP transit and network costs
  • Peering keeps traffic local, providing faster connections
  • Full control over one's IP Traffic Flow.
  • Improves quality and performance of Network.
  • Shorter routes to Networks and DNS Root Servers.
  • Bilateral/ Direct BGP Peering with CDN's.
  • With Route Server Peering direct access to connected peers.
  • Larger Bandwidth Capacity
  • Reduces bandwidth costs
  • Reduced Latency
  • Flexibility to route around congested paths
  • Highly reliable and resilient connectivity
  • Redundancy
  • Increased revenues

types of peering by Mumbai IX (Mumbai CH )

Factors to be taken into consideration to start Peering:

  • Mandatory ASN
  • Current Bandwidth utilization
  • Compute Peering Traffic
  • Telco Feasibility
  • Well established NOC at the customer end

If the answers to the above questions are in positive then Peering is the right thing for You!
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