We are Connected We are Mumbai Internet Exchange. Team Mumbai CH Speaking at WHD.India

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Mumbai Convergence Hub team have attended World Hosting Days India Event which happened at Grand Hyatt Mumbai on 18 May 2017.

During the event, our Chief Strategic Officer spoke about India’s Internet Ecosystem & the rapid change in Internet Ecosystem. He has shared some updates on the Internet Exchanges and benefits of connecting to Mumbai Internet Exchange.

Vivin Varghese has presented on the topic titled as "We are Connected We are Mumbai Internet Exchange" through powerpoint presentation and spoke about current internet scenario in India and its role in making internet faster and economical.

There are more than 400 Million users of the Internet in India and with respect to speed, India is now standing in 105th place in the world. The average speed of Internet in India is 4.1 Mbps and the cost of internet in India is higher than other 97 countries.

Mumbai Internet Exchange is physical infrastructure which interconnects internet networks and content providers.

Here is the video which explains How Internet Happens, Video by Euro-IX Video Link

Mumbai CH is started as Non-for-Profit Initiative in Aug 2014 with a mission to make internet in India affordable & accessible and with a broad vision of making India be world's Fastest country in terms of Internet Speed.

Mumbai Internet Exchange Today :

  • India's No. one Internet Exchange.
  • Mumbai Internet Exchange is Open anyone with ASN no. can connect with Mumbai IX.
  • Mumbai Internet Exchange is Now 200+ Members strong with connecting many ISP's, CDN & OTT Players.
  • Mumbai CH Marketplace is a place for High-value Internet Infrastructure product.
  • Mumbai CH is also opening new PoP in Upcoming Locations
    • Northern India – Delhi
    • Eastern India – Guwahati
    • Eastern India – Kolkata
    • Southern India – Chennai
    • Southern India – Bangalore
    • Southern India - Hyderabad

Benefits of connecting with Mumbai CH Peering :

  • Improves Connectivity.
  • Lower Latency.
  • Decrease IP Transit Cost.
  • Access to Community.

Mumbai CH is coming up with an Internet Marketplace where following services can be sold :

  • Internet: Bandwidth, Consultancy and License Sharing, etc.
  • Datacenters: Hosting, Colocations, Email and Domains, etc.
  • Software Solutions: Managed Services, Payment Gateways, Security services & DDOS Providers, etc.
  • Hardware Products: Routers, Switches, optical transceivers etc.

Mumbai CH is hosted at Carrier Neutral State-of-the-art Tier IV Datacenter of Web Werks India.
Facts about Web Werks Data Centers :

  • 1 Destination for CDN's Hosters
  • 5 Datacenters in Mumbai, Pune & US.
  • 20 Telcos & Dark Fibers Providers.
  • Opening 3 new DC's
  • Uptime Certified, Open-IX Certified, SAS 70,HIPAA,PCI-DSS Certified.
  • India's Top DC according to peeringdb.com

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