About Mumbai IX

Founded on 15th August 2014, Mumbai IX is an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Mumbai, India that interconnects more than 160+ members, making it one of the largest Internet Exchanges in India. Mumbai IX is the first choice of all kinds of operators including Content Delivery Networks (CDN), Internet Access providers, Telecommunication providers, Internet Service Providers (ISP), and much more. Mumbai IX’ settlement-free Internet interconnection (“Peering”) leads to better quality connectivity and more effective and cost-efficient routing. Mumbai IX offers access to a large number of peering partners without having to negotiate peering agreements with every potential partner.

Mumbai IX is powered by DE-CIX, the world’s largest Internet Exchange operator. DE-CIX already runs exchanges in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. DE-CIX is proud to announce that it has created a joint venture to serve the Indian market with DE-CIX’ state-of-the-art Internet Exchange services, data and carrier center neutral interconnection services to all local and global small, mid-size and large market actors. DE-CIX is a truly carrier & data center neutral and is proud to provide it’s award-winning services in India, too.

At Mumbai IX, we believe in making interconnection more affordable and streamlined and thus offer quality-oriented services that can assist our peering member to perform optimally. Our Peering participants includes CDN Players, DNS Root Servers, Content Providers, Video Streaming Services, Social Media and Internet Service providers,etc.

Mumbai Internet Exchange is based on the non-profit association model which enables all the members to be part of strategic decisions and thus imply on the evolution of services and budget.
The AGM typically happens in February Every year

How to Connect

Mumbai IX is currently fully functional at 4 Carrier Neutral DC's and will be expanding to couple more DC's in the near future. All IX nodes are interconnected with multiple connectivity options and provide a unified experience. 

Why Mumbai

With more than 23 million inhabitants, Mumbai is the largest city in India by population and is also known as the Financial capital of India. Financial, Media and Internet businesses contribute the majority of city’s economy which is estimated to be $ 400 billion as of 2017.

Mumbai also have over 14 intercontinental Cables landing and interconnects various continents through cable systems such as GBICS, EIG, FALCON, SEA-ME-WE-3,4, AAE-1, BBG, FEA, IME-WE & Tata TGN.


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