Mumbai IX Datacenter Locations (PoP)

Mumbai IX is the Premium Internet Exchange in Mumbai, being the Internet gateway to the country, was considered as the most strategic location for launching our Internet Exchange given that it can also provide exposure to some of the leading data centers in the city.

DE-CIX India other IX Locations

Other than Mumbai IX, DE-CIX India runs premium Internet Exchange in Delhi, Chennai and in Kolkata known as DE-CIX Delhi, DE-CIX Chennai & DE-CIX Kolkata respectively.

    Getting connected to any DE-CIX India Internet Exchanges is very easy and simple, Any Networks looking to connect in DE-CIX India Enabled Sites can order In-house cabling (Cross-Connect) from respective  DC's. Follow the steps below and your network can be connected within a couple of days.

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Why Mumbai

With more than 23 million inhabitants, Mumbai is the largest city in India by population and is also known as the Financial capital of India. Financial, Media and Internet businesses contribute the majority of city’s economy which is estimated to be $ 400 billion as of 2017.

Mumbai also have over 14 intercontinental Cables landing and interconnects various continents through cable systems such as GBICS, EIG, FALCON, SEA-ME-WE-3,4, AAE-1, BBG, FEA, IME-WE, Tata TGN


Mumbai IX is currently fully functional at 4 Carrier Neutral DC's and will be expanding to couple more DC's in the near future. All IX nodes are interconnected with multiple connectivity options and provides a unified experience. 


Sign up for Mumbai IX Ports


Order a P2P link between Your NOC and
Mumbai IX Enabled Sites, Where you wish to connect


Register and List your Organization in PeeringDB
Add Mumbai IX as an Exchange Point


Order Cross Connect to Connect your
Network from Meet Me Room or from your Switch


Establish BGP Peering with Mumbai IX Route Server
(IP for Peering will be assigned by Mumbai IX)