Mumbai IX Connected Members & Peering Participants


RS Peers


Total ASN

Organization URL As Policy
Akamai India Networks Pvt Ltd AS20940 OPEN
Alibaba Inc AS45102 OPEN, Inc. AS16509 OPEN
Anexia GmbH AS42473 SELECTIVE
Apple Inc. AS714 OPEN
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) AS9829 OPEN
Cloudflare Inc. AS13335 OPEN
Ctrls Datacenters Ltd (Pioneer Elabs) AS18229 OPEN
Facebook Inc. AS32934 OPEN
Forcepoint LLC AS44444 OPEN
Google India Pvt Ltd AS15169 OPEN
Imperva Inc. (Incapsula) AS19551 SELECTIVE
Limelight Networks India Pvt Ltd AS55429 SELECTIVE
Linode, LLC AS63949 OPEN
Microsoft India Pvt Ltd AS8075 SELECTIVE
Netflix LLC AS2906 OPEN
Netmagic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Netmagic Datacenter) AS17439 OPEN
Packet Clearing House (PCH) AS3856 OPEN
Packet Clearing House (PCH) AS42 OPEN
Pipetel Communications Pvt. Ltd (Net4 Datacenter) AS17447 OPEN
Profuse Solutions, Inc (Psychz Networks) AS40676 OPEN
Railtel Corporation Of India Ltd AS24186 OPEN India Ltd AS38224 OPEN
Ripe NCC AS25152 OPEN
Subspace Communications LLC AS32261 OPEN
Swisscom Ltd (BICS) AS3303 OPEN
Telstra Telecommunication Pvt Ltd AS4637 SELECTIVE
Verisign Inc. AS26415 OPEN
Verizon Communications, Inc AS703 OPEN
Verizon Digital Media Services (EdgeCast Networks) AS15133 OPEN
Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd. (Web Werks Datacenter) AS33480 OPEN
Yahoo! (Oath Inc.) AS10310 SELECTIVE
Zenlayer Inc. AS21859 OPEN
Zscaler, Inc. AS53813 OPEN
Acme Diginet Corporation Pvt Ltd AS134874 OPEN
Airdesign Broadcast India Pvt Ltd AS134326 OPEN
Airnet Cable & Datacom Pvt Ltd AS133001 OPEN
Airwaves Internet Private Limited AS134019 OPEN
AllNet Broadband Network Pvt Ltd AS134056 OPEN
Alwar Online Pvt. Ltd AS134280 OPEN
Amity University AS56056 SELECTIVE
ANI Broadband Service Pvt Ltd AS132116 OPEN
Antarjal IT Communications Pvt. Ltd AS138737 OPEN
Apex Netcom India Pvt. Ltd. AS133237 OPEN
Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd AS17465 OPEN
Auspice Infratel Pvt. Ltd. AS59165 OPEN
Bajpai Telecom Pvt Ltd AS133277 OPEN
Bhawani Cable and Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd. AS134258 OPEN
Bittel Telecom Pvt. Ltd. AS58765 OPEN
BlazeNet Pvt Ltd. AS16625 OPEN
Candor Infosolutions Pvt Ltd AS58762 SELECTIVE
Charotar Telelink Pvt Ltd AS132933 OPEN
City Online Services Pvt Ltd AS17483 SELECTIVE
Cityzone Infonet Pvt Ltd AS134899 OPEN
Cloudnet Communications Pvt Ltd AS135207 OPEN
Cloudsky Superfast Broadband and Service Pvt. Ltd. AS134340 OPEN
D Nex Technology Pvt Ltd AS135267 OPEN
D-VoiS Communications Pvt. Ltd (Vainavi Industries) AS45582 OPEN
D-Vois SSV Broadband Pvt Ltd (I-ON Broadband) AS45769 OPEN
Deenet Services Pvt Ltd AS136308 OPEN
Dehradun Enet Solutions Pvt Ltd AS133278 OPEN
Delix Net Solutions Pvt. Ltd. AS137098 OPEN
Digi Win Infotainment Mumbai Pvt Ltd (Win trendz) AS134312 OPEN
Digital Network Associates Pvt Ltd (DNA Infotel) AS131422 OPEN
Digiway Net Pvt Ltd AS135212 OPEN
DL GTPL Broadband Pvt Ltd AS135257 OPEN
E-Infrastructure & Entertainment (India) Pvt. Ltd AS133660 OPEN
Enhancelink Coreport Private Limited AS135841 OPEN
Ethernet Xpress (I) Pvt Ltd AS134053 OPEN
Explore World Infranet Pvt Ltd AS135861 OPEN
Foxcell Communication Pvt Ltd AS135227 OPEN
Gazon Communications India Ltd AS132770 OPEN
Gorakhpur Net Services Pvt Ltd (GNET) AS133235 OPEN
Gramin Broadband Network Pvt Ltd AS132958 OPEN
Gujarat Telelink Pvt. Ltd (GTPL) AS45916 OPEN
Hathway Rajesh Multi Channel Pvt Ltd AS38507 OPEN
HBS Telesoft Pvt Ltd AS134287 OPEN
HiReach Broadband Pvt. Ltd AS134033 OPEN
Honesty Net Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd. AS38457 OPEN
Hostaxis Network Private Limited AS134257 OPEN
Hustel Telecom Pvt. Ltd. AS137102 OPEN
I Network solutions Pvt Ltd AS135739 OPEN
IAXN Telecom Pvt. ltd AS134316 OPEN
IKF Technologies Ltd AS45535 OPEN
Indinet Services Pvt Ltd ( Siti Cable ) AS17747 OPEN
Indusind Media and Communication Ltd (In2Cable) AS17665 OPEN
Intech Online Pvt Ltd AS58678 OPEN
IsolNet Network Solution Pvt Ltd AS136360 OPEN
Jetspot Networks Pvt Ltd AS134325 OPEN
Jetway Broadband India Pvt Ltd AS134913 OPEN
Jinus Net Pvt Ltd AS137658 OPEN
Jlink India Pvt Ltd AS134881 OPEN
JPR Digital Pvt Ltd AS132220 OPEN
Kappa Internet Services Pvt. Ltd AS45433 OPEN
Kedia Internet Pvt. ltd ASAS135244 SELECTIVE
Kerala Communicators Cable Ltd. AS58969 OPEN
KNGD Infosys Private Limited AS59169 OPEN
Leapswitch Networks Pvt. ltd AS132335 SELECTIVE
Maahi Telecommunication Pvt Ltd AS138252 OPEN
Maha Mediacom LLP AS134042 OPEN
Manish Infocom Pvt Ltd AS132859 OPEN
Max-Tech Media & Communications Pvt Ltd AS133597 OPEN
Maxtech Broadband Pvt Ltd AS133311 OPEN
Mediatech Communication Pvt Ltd AS136699 OPEN
Meghbela Cable & Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd AS45804 OPEN
MFT Internet Pvt Ltd AS135253 OPEN
Microscan Computers Pvt Ltd AS55352 OPEN
Microtalk Communications Pvt Ltd AS136374 OPEN
Mobiwalkers Digital Media Pvt Ltd AS133011 OPEN
My Guru Online India Pvt Ltd AS136364 OPEN
Nand Balaji Connecting Zone Pvt. Ltd AS132972
NAS Broadband Pvt Ltd AS135705 OPEN
Net Sathi Networks Pvt. Ltd AS135850 OPEN
Net4 U Services Pvt Ltd AS134014 OPEN
NET4U Technology Pvt Ltd AS134256 OPEN
Nettlinx Limited AS10225 OPEN
Netvision Avadh Networks Pvt Ltd AS136305 OPEN
Nextra Communications Pvt. Ltd AS58640 OPEN
One Eight Technologies Pvt Ltd AS138225 OPEN
Opticom Networks Pvt. Ltd AS138300 OPEN
Orange City Internet Services Pvt Ltd AS134929 OPEN
Plusnet Communications Pvt. Ltd AS133234 OPEN
Powergrid Corporation of India Limited AS132215 OPEN
Prisac Aviation Technologies Pvt. ltd AS56224
Protoact Digital Networks Pvt. Ltd AS137678 OPEN
Quest Consultancy Pvt Ltd AS58659 OPEN
R G Technosolutions Pvt Ltd AS134922 OPEN
Rainbow Communication India Pvt.Ltd AS58898 OPEN
Rajesh Patel Net Services Pvt. Ltd. AS55353 OPEN
Readylink Internet Services Limited AS45536 OPEN
Royal Connect Pvt Ltd AS137622 OPEN
Rsbs Online Services Pvt.Ltd AS58967 OPEN
Rudra Technosurf Pvt Ltd AS137164 OPEN
Sai Technix Pvt. Ltd AS36722 OPEN
Sampark Estates Pvt Ltd AS133232 OPEN
Scud Communication Pvt. Ltd AS136639 OPEN
Shareio Communications Pvt Ltd AS137874 OPEN
Sheen Telecom Consultants Pvt. Ltd AS138723 OPEN
Sher Telelink Pvt. Ltd AS136303 OPEN
Shikhar Broadband Enterprises Pvt. Ltd AS136646 SELECTIVE
Shree Omkar Infocom Pvt Ltd AS132137 OPEN
Shyam Spectra Pvt. Ltd (Citycom Networks) AS10029 OPEN
Signum Digital Network Pvt Ltd AS133685 OPEN
Sikka Broadband Private limited AS45942 OPEN
Silicon Care Broadnet Pvt Ltd AS135795 OPEN
Skyonline Technosystem Pvt. Ltd AS137154 OPEN
Smartlink Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd AS133226 OPEN
Soft Call Cust-O-Care Pvt Ltd AS133720 OPEN
Softech Infosol Pvt. ltd AS133680 OPEN
Southern Online Bio Technologies Ltd AS17771 OPEN
Speedster Communications Pvt Ltd AS137608 OPEN
Sri Vari Network AS134877 OPEN
Stackbit Internet Services Pvt. ltd AS136230 OPEN
Starlings Wireless Communications Pvt Ltd AS135180 OPEN
Supersonic ISP Connectivity India Pvt Ltd AS137172 OPEN
Surround Networks Pvt. Ltd AS137611 OPEN
Swiftnet Broadband Pvt Ltd AS133713 OPEN
SymBios Creations Private Ltd AS55734 OPEN
Tabnet Solutions Pvt Ltd AS137171 OPEN
Tachyon Communications Pvt Ltd AS135697 OPEN
Tejays Dynamic Ltd AS55507 OPEN
Teleglobal Communications Pvt. ltd AS135722 OPEN
TelexAir Telecom Pvt Ltd AS133664 OPEN
Telosy Telecom Pvt. ltd AS137682 OPEN
Thressa Infoway Pvt. Ltd AS132996 OPEN
Tikona Infinet Pvt Ltd AS45528 OPEN
Tripleplay Broadband Pvt Ltd AS132453 OPEN
UNET Communication Pvt Ltd AS135036 OPEN
Unify Netsol Pvt Ltd AS138364 OPEN
United Telecoms Limited AS58405 OPEN
Vardaan Netservices Pvt.Ltd. AS136330 OPEN
Venessa Internet Pvt Ltd AS132988 OPEN
Vilite Multimedia Pvt Ltd AS135735 OPEN
Vizag Broadcasting Pvt. Ltd AS133593 OPEN
Vortex Netsol Pvt Ltd AS136334 OPEN
Wan and Lan Internet Pvt Ltd AS55862 OPEN
Wandoor Multiventures Pvt. ltd AS135766 OPEN
Way-2-Internet Pvt. Ltd. AS134850 OPEN
Welco Infotech Pvt. Ltd. AS134246 OPEN
Wi-Bro Solutions Pvt.l ltd AS133275 OPEN
Winmax telecommunications Pvt. Ltd ASAS138716 SELECTIVE
Zero Worries India Pvt Ltd AS132562 OPEN
Zyetel Infraa Pvt Ltd AS58725 OPEN
`****** http://www.*****.in AS**** RESTRICTIVE