Routing Policy

Apart from providing Public Peering ports, Mumbai IX is also very supportive in getting our members optimal routing and peering relations over that port. Mumbai IX provide the following flavours of support :

  • Do-It-Yourself Bilateral Peering
  • Route Server (Public Peering)
  • IPv4 & IPv6 Peering

As is the custom on Internet Exchanges, you can negotiate with other individual Exchange Members to set up bilateral peering. Mumbai IX supports this effort in several ways:

  1. Offering itself as an initial peer to set up the first bilateral peering session with (as an example and test);
  2. Publishing members on the Mumbai IX Member List for other members to be seen;
  3. Publishing the peering policy and contact information of new customers on the Mumbai IX website for existing members to use;
  4. Announcing new members in an email to all existing members once the connection is into production;
  5. Giving new members access to the 'announce' mailing list so they can announce themselves and their willingness to peer in the form of an invitation to all other members;
  6. Giving new members access to the list with peerings policies and contact information of all existing members on Mumbai IX;
  7. Supporting the PeeringDB effort where networks can register their peering contact, policy and other details as applicable over multiple Internet Exchanges;

Route servers facilitate Multilateral Peering. A single BGP session with each route server allows you to see the prefixes of all of the other networks (with an open peering policy) peering with the route servers. The route servers preserve the sending peer's next-hop and other prefix attributes. No traffic is ever routed by the route servers, they simply facilitate prefix exchange. Route servers support both IPv4 and IPv6 and 4byte ASNs.

Mumbai IX members can exchange IPv4 and IPv6 traffic on their Mumbai IX ports. Once you have configured your IPv6 peering address, please contact Mumbai IX Support, as you should then turn up an IPv6 collector session. Our Route Servers also support IPv6.