The Establishment

Founded on 15th August 2014, Mumbai IX is a Distributed Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Mumbai, India that interconnects more than 160+ members, making it one of the largest Internet Exchanges in India. We are proud to have highly experienced and focused team who is passionate about the Internet and working day and night to make it better.

Core Members

Ajai Kumar

Chief Information Officer

Ajai is responsible for day to day activities, innovation and collaboration to support Mumbai IX goals

Vivin Varghese

Vice President - Marketing & Strategy

Vivin takes care of Marketing, Strategy & Customer Relationships

Rob Parker

Chief Architect

Rob is responsible for the redesigning of Mumbai IX architecture

Marco Brandstaetter

Sr. Vice President

Marco is responsible for aligning DE-CIX’s global efforts with DE-CIX India’s regional activities

Our Team

The combined Mumbai IX and DE-CIX Team is the most experienced team to serve Internet Exchange customers in India. Our team brings many years of experience in designing and operating IXP’s and to make sure customers will receive the maximum benefit from the Exchange.

We are proud to have a team of skilled and proficient professionals committed to providing opportunities for people that are connecting networks and promoting connectivity everywhere.

Vaibhav Bonde

Vaibhav is part of Peering Operations

Vinodh Nagula

Vinodh is part of Customer On-boarding team

Twinkle Kesarwani

Twinkle is part of Peering Operations

Jyoti Madan

Jyoti is part of Marketing Team.

Samadhan Avhad

Samadhan is the part of Business Development Team

Baban Galande

Baban is responsible for Billing & Accounts

Board of Directors

Nikhil Rathi

Nishant Rathi

Harald Summa

Ivo Ivanov